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Letter from CEO
Wow, what a wild ride we have been on. Never did we imagine that our beloved industry, the industry that has always cared for, nourished and fed the world would be brought to its knees. We all have suffered dramatically from this unprecedented pandemic. No one, I mean no one had a playbook for how to deal with this. We saw hotels and restaurants close, celebrations and conventions cancelled, we saw massive lay-offs that were reminiscent of the Great Depression. We also saw resilience. We saw innovation and we affirmed that Americans can overcome anything. Soft Stuff Distributors saw what was happening and tried our best to adapt and reimagine our place in your business. We have responded by expanding into poultry, meats, produce and dairy. We have dedicated our efforts to bring best in class grab and go meals and snacks. We have kept our delivery minimums low so we can deliver to you frequently, which will allow you to manage your inventory and cash flow better. We absolutely want to continue to be your best and favorite foodservice distribution partner. We want to help you rise from the ashes to be bigger and better than ever. In turn we hope that you will continue to rely on Soft Stuff to “Deliver The Good Stuff” to your establishment safely, on time and error free. We will all rise from the ashes together!

With gratitude,
Soft Stuff Distributors
Lois and Robert Gamerman